Our range of pamphlets look to introduce or expand upon certain aspects of anarchist communist history or ideas with an eye towards developing new practice. You can purchase physical copies of all out pamphlets by contacting us directly here as well as through Active Distribution & AK Press.


A Short Introduction to Anarchist Communism


A Short Introduction to Anarchist CommunismThe Anarchist Federation is an organisation of revolutionary class struggle anarchists. We aim for the abolition of all hierarchy, and work for the creation of a world-wide classless society: anarchist communism.

This pamphlet will give a short introduction to anarchist communism and how we think we can get there.

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The Role of the Revolutionary Organisation


The role of the revolutionary organisation front coverWe in the Anarchist Federation seek the abolition of capitalism and state in favour of bringing about a society based on the guiding principle ‘From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.’ This is anarchist communism. In order to achieve this we need a revolutionary organisation to undertake a certain role as part of the working class.

This pamphlet will explain why.

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Work front coverWe live in a society where the activities we engage in for most of our life are not based on being useful to society or fulfilling to ourselves, but are based upon getting money to have our needs met. Our work is the driving force behind capitalism. The activities we’re required to perform are either detrimental to society or have their full worth undermined by the drive for profits.

This pamphlet will explain why we must abolish work.

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Basic Bakunin


This pamphlet will examine the anarchist ideas of Mikhail Bakunin. Despite having often been reviled, distorted or ignored since, these ideas were a huge influence upon the 19th century socialist movement. On reading this pamphlet, we hope that it will become apparent that Bakunin has a lot to offer us today, that his ideas make up a coherent and well-argued body of thought, and show that there is good reason for him to be described as the grandfather of modern anarchism.

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Revolutionary Women


Revolutionary WomenThe compatibility of anarchism and women’s liberation is clear: opposition to all hierarchy is a requirement of any movement demanding emancipation and equality. Despite this, everywhere that women joined the early anarchist movement they were forced to fight against the prejudices of their male comrades. Not only did they fight, they prevailed, becoming the spearhead of many revolutionary situations.

This pamphlet will give a biographical account of some lesser-known revolutionary women of the past.

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